Monthly Archives: February 2015

Stephanie and John

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Dreamlife Photos and Videos (New York) had a great time with Stephanie and John as they celebrated their February wedding. The Bourne Mansion provided us with a grand location to capture stunning wedding photography that we hope they’ll adore for years to come. Before the day got too busy, we met up with Stephanie to […]

Brittany and Jason

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Brittany and Jason celebrated their love for one another on a beautiful July day at Studio 450! Dreamlife Photos and Videos (New York) was amazed by the happiness of the couple and the joy they spread to those in their lives! Before the ceremony began we couldn’t wait to get started on the couple’s wedding […]

Brooke and Jordan

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When Dreamlife Photos and Videos (New York) met up with Brooke and Jordan it was a pristine May day. The lovely weather and exciting Battery Gardens venue made capturing the lovebirds wedding photography an absolute joy! As we began the special day we couldn’t help but stop by for a few bridal photos of Brooke. […]

Vivissa and Michael

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October provided Vivissa and Michael with the perfect scenery for their special moment! Dreamlife Photos and Videos (New York) was impressed with their shared joy as well as the beauty we were able to capture as we worked on their gorgeous wedding photography! Dreamlife began the day with Vivissa who allowed us to take a […]